Frequently Asked Questions


As always there are many questions you may have when it comes to considering new apaprel. Your exciting brand can esily come to life in a matter of moments.

Below are some of the questions we get asked a lot. So we have decided to give some insight around these to assist you in your process.


How long is the wait time? As a rule we will recieve most items between 6-8 weeks from the time the order is placed with the factory. However there are things that can delay an order or have an oder delivered in a shortere time frame. At the time of order if its a peak period then this may fall into the 8 week time frame. Things like chinese new year can affect orders as well. It also depends on the sports apparel you are ordering and the quanity of items being ordered. We will keep you up to date the process and the expected delivery of your order.

Is there a minimum order on items? Yes there is a minimum. Pretty much in all our garments a minimum of 15 items is the required quanity. Anything below that number could potentially be done but that depends on the item being ordered. If you are after 5-6 custom made items you will pay more per item as opposed to an order of 50 items etc. We suggest to try and meet thee minimum to help keeep you cost down.

What is sublimation? Sublimation is the process/combination of heat printing and pressed onto a fabric. A white based fabric is layed out as a base, a wheel with customers design is rolled onto the white fabric. Once it drys, those itemsthat from the shirt are cut and thr stitched together. This process allows for many colours as well. as prints to suit the customers design.

What is cut and sew? Cut and sew simply means each item of fabric is cut separtaly and sewn together. Think of a mens or ladies polo shirt. Depending on the polo selected that style may have panels that will need to be cut individually and sewn toegther to form the shirt. It's not just one piece of material. Cut and sew polos are polular for a professional look.

Do we manufacture garments for all sports? Yes we cater to all sports. There are some sports that have some quirky garments however we will always do our best to source that item for you. AFL, NRL, Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Union, Cricket, Soccer, Cycling, Athletics are just some of the sports we make garments for.

Can I have an order sent direct to me to my club, business, organisation or home address? Yes we are able to post items direct to you desired address. The frieghts costs are calculated and included in your quote that you will recieve upon your enquiry.

Do we do screen printing? It really depends on the order if its required etc but in most cases we will screen print during the manufacturing process at our factory. We have other solutions if urgent.

Do we offer embroidery? It really depends on the order if its required etc but in most cases we will screen print during the manufacturing process at our factory. We have other solutions if urgent.

Shipping: Shipping is calculated into your quote and most cases the cargo is delivered by air. During times of covid-19 shipping is a bit slower due to the reduced amount of flights from China to Australia.

Payment Method: It's very straigh forward. Once the order is offically placed you will receive an invoice and upon recieving that invoice 50% of the total amount will need to be paid. Once the order is made and before we ship back to Austalia we require the remaining 50% to be paid.






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